Ant-Man and the wasp first trailer


Who says size doesn’t matter? Well at this point it does, and you’ll have it big size or small size, both are essential as the new marvel studios film is going to hit us in July 2018 with another Ant-man franchise.  Ant-Man and the Wasp is the new title, it may not have a juice-packed action as the Avengers series and upcoming Black Panther, but it has same level excitement as the guardian of the galaxy have to offer.

The sequel is followed after the first ant-man movie back in 2015 mark a great success, and we will see Paul Rudd suit up again as the shrinking superhero Ant-Man, this time joined by Evangeline Lilly, who’ll be joining in on the action as Wasp.[/vc_column_text]

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Michael Douglas back again as Hank Pym, the brilliant inventor who invented the shrinking technology that gives both Ant-Man and the Wasp their powers, by power is meant by super edge techno suit that able to restructure the whole molecules to able size it up as big as a building or a small as a tiny microscope cell.

Michael Peña will also return as Ant-Man’s scene-stealing star Luis, now that the trio and a best friend is lined up we see another footage shown, Laurence Fishburne probably cast as Bill Foster.

Bill Foster is known as former assistant to Hank Pym, as he later tries to make another duplication of Pym suit’s ability but without using a suit, this could be Laurence is set future as The Goliath.

Marvel Studios bring out Ant-man and the wasp as the fun like movie, as Thor Ragnarok is a big hit success in worldwide, and they will remain to do so, MCU is full of variation heroes, and we expect much more exciting and funny movies.

Marvel Studio is way ahead of DC in maturing all the characters, a through full and interlinked universe is the mark that Marvel doing the job on the right path.


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