I Kill Giants movie


I Kill Giants movie, an adaption from comic series published by Image Comics, a story about a teenage girl who hunts monsters and giants, lurking in the woods, hiding in the shadow as the many giants ready to strike upon humans.

Nobody can see them, as they are magically protected and hiding, but when the time comes, the giants are out from the hideout and bring chaos to human. Barbara, the teenage girl, posses a magic vision and can see them.[/vc_column_text]

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As she is aware of the Giants’ danger, she builds many totem protection to barricade them. And keep distance as she seeks a way to lure the giant out and defeat them.

She hunts them, challenge them and kills them. Armed with mighty thunder hammer, she will protect the upcoming giants’ attack against humans. The movie is packed with in-depth storylining as shes struggle upon her responsibility as human guardian and as lone girls that barely have no friend at all in school.

All the surreal, magical world of giants that only she could see have made her abandon by all society, her school life is nothing but a geeks tale in the front of all her friends and teachers. But that’s the price as the protector of human realms, and she will remain strong and uphold her duty. Will the young teen finally able to save the humans from the incoming giant’s menace attacks? Or as the story goes deep in fantasy it will reveal the true purpose of her part in life, and so as her path to find the giants and all the fantasy that surrounds her.

The movie is set to launch on March 23, as we hope this movie will give us a fresh new experience and very much enjoy and watchable.


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