Tomb Raider 2018 New Trailer


The Tomb Raider – Lady Croft, Independent daughter of a wealthy  English archaeologist, a strong an athletic, fast woman, fiercely adventurer. A fictional character that developed as the main protagonist of a video game in 1997. The game is hit success with many following series up until now.


TOMB RAIDER - Official Trailer #2

As the game franchise continues to soar up gaining popularity the demand for a movie adaptation is inevitable, The big star Angelina Jolie appointed to lead the role as the main Character, Lara Croft. The Tomb Raider first movie makes a big success makes the adaptation worth suitable, watchable and entertaining, but with minor downfall on the storytelling side, The film gained popularity only by adding Angelina Jolie as the leading role not much anything else.

The Game series continues its path to keep developing along with the gaming hardware capability and deep storytelling, but the movie series speaks otherwise, the lack of deep story makes the film franchise on a brink of nowhere land.

The reboot Tomb Raider is commenced all setup, preparation started in 2016 with new director Roar Uthaug, Norwegian film director is set to bring new haul to the movie, not yet widely proven, but surely he had directed many small and medium movies that marked him a quite capable to handle big jobs bring Lady Croft to the top of the box-office list.

With the new release trailer, we can see a glimpse of a piece by piece scene that tells us the Tomb Raider reboot is very much close to the game plot. Surely that is something we very much like to see a full or maybe an almost full adaptation of the original material, the closer we get the experience of playing the game and having it on Tomb Raider movie reboot is the greatest goal movie lover like to achieve. It’s rare find a movie very close to its origin, Resident Evil, for example, a medium blockbuster franchise that ranges far distance from its origin game, even so, Resident Evil manage to produce numerous movie release but lack of ingenuine material.

New Storylining is created to give Lara Croft a hard deep character, a strong and independent indeed and we want to see that, we want to see person capable to do many heroic things that start from something and deep background storytelling is what it needs, growing up from nothing to become something, this is the main backstory of Tomb Raider is trying to reach, A birth of a new heroine is on its way, the missing daughter to find a way back home.

The hunting of her father’s legacy is her emotion, purpose to answer all her riddle questions bound together with the rejection doubt of her existing and her father’s influence.

Bare brave and passion set her off to dig trail of the missing puzzle of his father’s mysterious death. Armed only with her skilled and trained hard mind, she will encounter various challenges on the way to the holy grail. Faith yet to be decided whether she succeeded or not and that’s is the price we like to see.


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